What does WebCast-TV offer?

Video Streaming Platform

WebCast-TV is a Simple, Powerful and Scalable cloud based video webcast platform at an affordable price. Not trying to compete against the mega companies such as YouTube, Livestream and Ustream etc… as a small company we focus on building close relationships with our customers and develop our service around what they are after. Our website platform has just undergone a major overhaul and our customer feedback has been just great. We have new features that were requested by customers that no other companies provide and more that are to come. We hope to continue to grow and look for partners and investors that can make our ideas a reality.


WebCast-TV started out doing live webcast productions. Today we have turned our original one camera webcasts into multi camera near live TV quality productions at a fraction of the cost. We can offer either end of the scale.

For more information about our Professional Webcasting Production services visit - www.WebCast-TV.com/services

Web Design

WebCast-TV's website development team can work with you to develop a web solution customized to fit your needs, including full integration of your stream on Facebook and Twitter.

Founded in 2005