Computer or Mobile, We’ve got you covered. You pick the device and we’ll stream your video through our content delivery network


Using EdgeCast, one of the largest CDN's as our backbone it will handle any load at any growth rate.


After working with multiple CDN's we found EdgeCast to be superior. It has a truly world wide enterprise network which we can offer at consumer prices.


We have designed the player to be responsive so it will always fit and look great at whatever size you wish to embed it at.


We don't run Ads but our clients like too. We are probably the only company out there that has built it so you can upload a video, tag it as a pre-roll and run it in font of your Live stream or OnDemand video. This enables you to give your sponsors their ads and not some random ad that has no interest to your event or viewers.


Use Facebook to go viral by embedding your videos and live streams in your Facebook wall with one simple click.

Features built by webcasters for webcasters

Control Center

The control center gives you everything you need to setup your live webcast, upload video and create the player embed code for you to copy to your site.

Key Features

     Live Event Setup and Video Upload.

     Webcast Control Center.

     PreRoll Videos

     Analytics & Usage.

Player Widget

Our Player widget is designed specifically to work with different browsers and responsively adapt to the size its embedded at.

Key Features

     Frameless Design.

     White label option.

     Social Sharing.

Channel Page

Your Channel Page is where viewers can find all your media in one place. It is also a way for us to promote your events and videos.

Key Features

     Clean Design.

     Option to disable it.

     Social Sharing.