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Beginner - Single Input Setup

For those of you who have just joined, you can be up and streaming in minutes. Connect your webcam, download one of our recommended live encoding software apps, and copy the settings from your new WebCast-TV account.

*Please note: To stream to mobile devices with FMLE on a Windows PC you will need to purchase the Main Concept AAC audio plugin for $180. AAC audio is standard on all macs.

Recommended Software
Amateur - Single Input Setup

If you've tried using your webcam, you may want to move up to a better quality camera. Using a Mac with a Thunderbolt port you can connect devices such as the Blackmagic Mini Recorder shown above which lets you capture the video signal into your encoding software. This allows you to use an HDMI camera or even run an HD-SDI camera from up to 300ft. With our recommended software you can add videos, graphics and more.

*Please note: Some PC's now offer Thunderbolt ports.

Recommended Software
Advanced - Multi Input Setup

Once you've mastered the basics of webcasting, you may want to put on a multi camera production. Starting with a somewhat powerful desktop PC, you can install several Blackmagic Mini Recorder PCIe capture cards shown above. This lets you capture multiple video sources into your encoding software from HDMI and HD-SDI cameras.

*Please note: Please click here for suggested minimum PC specifications.

Recommended Software